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Aluminum is a precious material with many advantages. Corrosion resistant, low maintenance, lightweight structure of aluminum offers long lifetime spanning over fifty years. Being a 100 % recyclable with no downgrading of its qualities makes aluminum a tremendous green material.

Opting for green solutions is one of the most critical challenges of today’s manufacturers. Alcopole is your disposal with wide range aluminum poles.




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Sustainability through light

Alcopole is a trademark of HPR Group for aluminum poles. As a trusted partner Alcopole, supplies not only standard poles but also provides creative solutions to meet the customer needs. With the help of its qualified human resources and market experience Alcopole, offers highly professional products, innovative solutions satisfying the customers’ design requirements.

Besides being corrosion resistant and maintenance free, use of aluminum poles brings many more advantages such as quick installation and low assembly costs.

Alcopole products are functionally versatile, robust and stable and various finishing options are available with a wide choice of cors.

Longer lifespan than steel and fiberglass poles, Alcopole is environmentally-friendly and 100% recyclable with high residual value, improved safety on the roads thanks to the absorbing feature of aluminum.

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