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Thru Light

Life starts with light, so does our company history. Over two decades ago, our family run company started its journey of engineering solutions for improving people’s lives through light.

Our love for light is so immense that it shows us the way, inspiring us to develop products for efficient lighting. Through our love for light our presence expanded in time, creating the trade names; HEPER, MOONLIGHT, and ALCOPOLE which in time became leaders in the lighting field.



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Livable spaces through light

Technological advancements transformed our daily lives and the manners of work. While illuminating urban areas, respecting nature and its inhabitants become more vital for sustaining environmental balance. In this respect “darkness” is as important as controlling light. As in Og Mondino said “I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness because it shows me the stars. Our solutions are based on using light in the proper way and nourishing the talents of lighting designers.


Precision through light

Research and developments in lighting field have revealed us the true nature of light. The exactness of our knowledge accelerated through the 21st century, and we have developed numerous appliances and instruments providing precision.

In today’s world, expectations from a street lighting luminaire are far beyond illumination. Safer, smarter and controllable units enhance our lives. As Heper Group, we embrace the mission of engineering solutions beyond lighting for sustainable urban spaces with our passion for excellence through light.

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