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Flexibility, custom production and creating solutions are the highlights of our Moonlight brand.

Moonlight boutique atelier can be both traditional and technological. It is customer-centric. Customer ideas push us to produce for the edges. It is the customer who leads the look. We hope this collection inspire lighting designers to sketch something, to a notebook or on an iPad.

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Introducing Sui Generis Concept 

Sui Generis meaning “its own kind, unique” describes our Moonlight range of products. Whenever a lighting designer feels the necessity of a custom design luminaire solution, our experienced team will take the lead and assist in every phase of the project.

Every sui generis luminaire has its characteristics with adaptable technology. It is to the product itself and the land it will shine. Moonlight, our custom production boutique atelier is at your disposal when you search for an option uniquely yours.

Visit our page for Moonlight range of products.

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