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As Heper Group, we believe success is not a solo act. Lighting is a multidisciplinary sector in which many professionals collaborate. To develop astonishing results, we seek opportunities for collaborations with reputable institutes, universities, and designers all over the world.

Come by and join us to bring most ambitious projects into life through light! It is easy to participate and communicate with our team members, and we’d love to keep up with the change.



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BMW & HEPER ‘Light and Charge’ Project

Light and Charge is a significant step for our future. BMW and Heper’s engineers developed an extraordinary lighting fixture by working together. The new generation of electric cars will be able to be charged by charge sockets as these lighting fixtures are illuminating the streets.

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Design Awards

Exterior lighting fixtures and poles are out in front of the eyes. We put our utmost efforts into producing results complementing their environments, and these efforts are awarded from time to time. However, it is always collaborations with reputable universities that excite us. It is our mission to encourage young talents to make their designs come true.

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