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Light & Science

The question “What is light?” has been studied since ancient times. The duality of light could only be understood by mid 20th century along with quantum theory. Even though no single answer satisfies the various contexts in which light is studied, we can easily say the light is a power that can be seen. It transmits spatial and temporal information forming the basis of optics and optical communications and a myriad of modern technologies.

In our daily lives at Heper Group, light rhymes with science. Through the sense of sight, light is a key to understanding our environment and communicating within it.

We are proud of our team of engineers and their valuable work. Every day it’s a motive for everyone to put a brick in the wall.



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Performance through light

Design and technology are the main materials we use to achieve higher performance. Thanks to the standard durability tests we perform, we produce long-lasting products resistant to external environmental conditions, physical impacts and chemical factors.

Keeping in mind that lighting is a systematic solution, we have been producing products which are up-to-date and ready for extended lasting operation.

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Registered R&D Center

Today we are proud of HEPER light laboratory which allows us to test and apply the latest world standards. Recently, Moonlight has been registered as an R&D Center by Turkish Ministry of Science, Industry, and Technology.

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