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“Quality is everyone’s responsibility.”
W.Edwards Deming

As a leading lighting sector, we embrace the new customer-centric approach with the belief that quality is an uncompromisable element in all our processes due to the fact that we live in a rapidly changing and competitive environment.

With the mission «improving people’s lives through light», we work hard for our vision every single day; «Engineering solutions beyond lighting for sustainable urban spaces with our passion for excellence through light.»



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Our Principles &
Strategic Objectives:

All Heper Group employees including Heper Group Senior Management and Board, are responsible for the continuation and continuous improvement of the quality management system.


Product design and product development:
To design new and original products by constantly following the innovations and developments in our sector and to continuously improve our products.


Customer Centric Service:
To focus customer satisfaction as our unconditional first priority.


Solution-oriented Approach:
Evaluating and analyzing customer requests and complaints fast and effectively with a focus on customer satisfaction.


Improve productivity:
Continuously improve productivity by effectively using our business resources.


Focus on continuous improvement:
To constantly improve and update our methods and processes of doing business.


To provide co-operation and team work environment:
To create a peaceful and harmonious work discipline by continuously improving the expertise and competence of our employees, providing an environment of mutual respect, cooperation and team work.


Absolute compliance with legal requirements:
Fully fulfill the legal requirements

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